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For fun, you can read the various agreements.

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You can also manage existing domains at OpenSRS directly.

Payment information

We do not do this for profit; we do this as a service for friends, acquaintances, and co-workers. All of this comes out of our pockets. We are not a business, nor do we want to be (which is why we do not take credit cards -- we want neither the hassle nor the responsibility of handling your financial data.)

How this works:

We prepay OpenSRS in bulk for a bunch of domains and slowly chip away at our account as people request registrations. When ordering a domain, use the forms above to put your request in the queue, and then send payment to cover the costs using Paypal.

As of June 2014, the base costs are:

  • net: $12 per year
  • com: $11 per year
  • org: $12 per year
  • ca: $18 per year
  • uk: $13 per two years
  • us: $10 per year
  • me: $21 per year
  • other: please ask

Please account for the fact that Paypal skims 2.9% + 30c per receiving transaction - ($0.59 out of $10).

If you want to tack on a little extra for infrastructure costs we certainly won't complain. Our Paypal address is

You may also send antiquated paper checks to the contact address for as listed in the WHOIS database if you absolutely must, but please send an email saying that you have done so.

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